Why Maxlife?

PEACE OF MIND - We created MaxLife Foods to create food storage that stored as long as possible, tasted better, provided more food per serving, was more convenient to store & use, was easier to prepare, and was more affordable. We did just that. Our delicious, gourmet, just-add-water food storage entrees are guaranteed to be the best price.

BEST VALUE - Some competitors are so expensive that they won't even tell you their prices until they're in your home doing a demonstration and trying to upsell you. You also may end up with canned food that is hard to store, difficult to open, and unweildy once opened. Other food storage companies claim packages with a high number of servings while using a lot of cheap fillers like drinks and desserts that provide low caloric intake that is needed in an emergency.

U.S. PRODUCED - Our food storage is 100% produced in the U.S. and 99% of the food is sourced from the U.S. The other small percentage is for seasonal freshness.

CONVENIENT - We are your one-stop shop for everything food storage. Thought you didn't have the space or budget for a long-term, 1 year food storage option for your whole family? For 2 adults and 4 kids you can fit your rationed supply in the same amount of space as a washer and dryer. Use your long-term food storage for the food portion of a 72 hour emergency kit as well. Just grab a 20 lb bucket full of a variety of individually packaged, airtight, nitrogen flushed meals and go. For sportsmen, it doesn't get much easier than pulling pouch out of your backpack and adding water.